Meine Base Bath salt


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Information about Meine Base Bath salt

Meine Base Bath Salts, 750 g - OR 110

For the basic body

Meine Base Bath salts bath salts has a pH value of 8.5. The osmotic action stimulates Meine Base skin to separate acids and toxins and thereby supports the zelfvettende capacity of the skin. Meine Base contains mineral salts and minerals such as iron and silicon leads to.

While bathing the waste excreted by the body and the dead skin cells from the body detached, as it were. As a result, the sebaceous glands activated and creates a natural and healthy protective layer on the skin. After the bath, your skin will feel silky, a body lotion will be superfluous.

Health effects that may result from acidification in the body, such as fungi, psoriasis, acne and even rheumatic complaints, when alkaline baths and footbaths will reduce. With great regularity

Meine base salts is suitable not only for bathing, but can certainly be used for other purposes such as:

Scrub Treatments in the shower;
Dental care;
Alkaline rinses of the nose, mouth and throat;

For special applications, there are therapeutic salt socks, gloves salt, salt shirts and zoutkompressen.

Use and applications

For baths:

1 to 2 baths per week;
3 full non-level tablespoons;
The ideal bath water temperature is 36-38 º C;
The duration of the bath should amount to at least 30 minutes. Ideally, a time period of 45 - 60 minutes;
To stimulate circulation, the body regularly, every ten minutes, with a rough washcloth or rubbed with a bath brush.

Preparation of hand and foot:

A full, non-teaspoon.

For alkaline rinses:

½ teaspoon in a glass of water;
Note: only flush, not take.

Dental Care:

A pinch on a damp toothbrush application;
Rinse thoroughly.

Optimal operation of AlkaBath Bath salts occurs when you AlkaLife and 7x7 herbal tea used.